Concrete Pool Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing

Concrete pools will typically need to be resurfaced every 15-20 years depending on their surface and location. A concrete pool comprises of a concrete shell that is generally 20 – 30cm thick. A topcoat material is placed above the concrete shell which is usually what is replaced during a concrete pool resurfacing project. The topcoat can be constructed from a range of materials including pebbles, stone tiles, glass tiles and ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Pool Resurfacing

Can I Do It Myself?

Some homeowners in Perth elect to use a DIY concrete pool resurfacing product, rather than engaging a professional. Although this process may save you considerable dollars, it can be fraught with danger. For example, if you make a mistake you may have to repeat the entire process again. In addition, it can require up to 3 or 4 people to resurface a large pool in order to ensure the plaster does not set too quickly. Lastly, if you do not use the correct safety equipment, the acids required to clean your pool can potentially damage your skin and lungs.

The Process

A concrete pool resurfacing project consists of the following steps –

Draining the Pool

Before the pool can be resurfaced, the water must be completely drained. Councils within WA have different rules pertaining to where you can drain your pool water so we suggest that you check with your local council before you start.

Removal of the Current Surface

The existing surface including all plaster will next have to be removed from the pool. This will require equipment including chisels, picks and/or jackhammers.

Cleaning the Pool

It is essential that the surface of the pool is clean before proceeding further. A reputable pool renovation company will use particular acids which will remove any mineral deposits. The cleaning process may also include patching up any cracks or chips in the shell of the pool.

Resurfacing the Pool

This process will begin by applying a layer of plaster to the newly cleaned shell of the swimming pool. Before the plaster sets, the topcoat must be applied.

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