Infinity Pools

What are Infinity Pools?

Infinity Pools (or Infinity Edge Pools) are defined as swimming pools which have water flowing over an edge of the pool. This design produces an illusion of water without a boundary. They are highly desirable in backyards or hotels where the swimming pool is overlooking the ocean, creating a stunning visual effect. Furthermore, they can look spectacular at night time when combined with appropriate lighting.

Infinity Pools

How Do They Work?

Typically, infinity pools are constructed on a sloping ground. This allows the water to run off the edge into a catch basin. An additional water pump and filter is then required to pump the water back up into the swimming pool.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Because infinity pools include a secondary pool (the catch basin) they will take longer to clean. It is important to keep the catch basin clean, as debris can cause the filter to become clogged. However, they require no more maintenance (monitoring chemical levels etc) than a standard swimming pool.

Design & Construction

The design and construction of an infinity pool requires careful consideration of many more factors, when compared to a standard swimming pool. For this reason, the design and constructions process should be left to an experienced professional.

Cost of Infinity Pools

This style of swimming pool is typically more expensive than standard pools because of the following factors –

  • The pool is typically built on a sloped backyard
  • They take up more space within your backyard
  • A catch basin must be constructed
  • The additional equipment including water filters and pumps

What to Consider?

If you are considering adding an infinity edge pool to your backyard, you should first consider –

  • Do I have sufficient space?
  • Can I afford this particular design of swimming pool?
  • Does the surrounding area compliment an infinity pool?

Find Out More?

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